e-motion wellness™ has partnered with Pretaa’s cutting-edge and industry-leading technology to embrace the complexities of substance use disorders, alcohol use disorders, and other behavioral health concerns, ultimately generating better outcomes. By leveraging physiological data and biometrics, we can better personalize treatment and enable clients to understand the mind-body connection and teach them to self-regulate and shift thoughts and feelings through physical changes and movement.

What Is Pretaa?

Upon admission to e-motion wellness™, each client will receive a Pretaa-loaded wearable device. Pretaa is a smartwatch application that uses biometrics and advanced data analysis to track client health and well-being throughout treatment. These insights can help clinicians and providers tailor treatment to a client’s individual needs, ultimately yielding better outcomes.

Why Pretaa?

Behavioral health concerns are complex and notoriously tricky to treat. Recently, amazing innovations have brought the solution to these difficult problems within reach. Wearable technology is one such valuable new development.

Defining a productive and positive outcome can be challenging and requires tracking (and celebrating!) multiple indicators of success. A critical pathway is physical health. Due to sustained periods of substance and alcohol use and trauma, a disconnect often exists between the physical and the psychological, and the brain is slow to catch up to the body. Pretaa provides transparency into a client’s physical state via biometrics, helping one to better understand their emotions, cravings, and urges. Pretaa’s functionality helps identify problem areas and triggers, enlists the support of family, mentors, and friends, and uses algorithms to identify when a client is experiencing distress so that help can be offered. By monitoring stress levels, recognizing difficult situations, and diffusing risk, Pretaa helps clients get—and stay—in recovery.

A simple explanation of Pretaa:

Essentially, Pretaa is a behavioral analytics software platform that utilizes wearables for remote patient monitoring to measure long-term treatment outcomes and help provide the right intervention at the right time to those recovering from substance use disorders.

Pretaa’s machine-learning engine and signature algorithms take key biometrics and search for anomalies that suggest a patient is slipping and heading toward a relapse—or that a lapse has occurred—and extra support is required. Caregivers are then notified to help provide early guidance and treatment, getting clients back into treatment and saving lives. In combination with psychometric surveys, an SOS button, and positive reinforcement, Pretaa helps individuals get and stay in recovery longer.

The e-motion wellness proprietary framework blends physiology, psychology, and neuroscience to create profound and enlightening experiences that translate into real-world transformations. We are committed to guiding people to restore their brain chemistry, process emotions, and renew their sense of self and personal power.

  • Mental Health
  • Cognition
  • Learning and Task Acquisition
  • Impulse Control
  • Attention
  • Resiliency
  • Focus
  • Ability to Change Patterns of Behavior and Thought Processes
  • New Neuronal Architecture (Brain Function)
  • Reduction and Resolution of Trauma Symptoms