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e-motion wellness™ has redesigned the Mental health and Addiction treatment process by utilizing current research and treatment methods to track data and outcomes. Our Intensive Out Patient Treatment program effectively delivers a new approach to how talented clinicians provide therapies using techniques and protocols such as biotechnology, cold plunge, saunas, red light therapy, genetic testing, neurotyping, EMDR, self-regulation techniques, ancient indigenous wisdom, and high-end exercise equipment to support our clients in understanding and maximizing their human potential. We have a modern wellness space that helps our clients realize these goals and supports sustainable achievement.

We are a team of specialists guided by our conviction that our clients have the capacity and power to change and heal themselves. We have devoted ourselves entirely to mastering the ability to show our clients the power they possess. Let us show you what YOU can do!

e-motion wellness™

e-motion wellness™ is an intensive outpatient program (IOP) facility located in San Antonio, Texas, for treating substance use and mental health disorders. We serve adults and adolescents by integrating a unique combination of psychotherapy, neuroscience, physiology, and evidence-based practices to dramatically improve mental, physical, and emotional health.

e-motion wellness™ both transcends and includes traditional evidence-based psychotherapy by integrating evolution and neuroscience. We designed our framework to capitalize on the brain’s developmental history, survival functions, and how humans learn. We have mastered intentional and effective protocols to encourage the brain’s natural processes. Our methods optimize mental health and prepare people to handle real-world stress. Our methods optimize overall mental health and support people to engage and maintain optimal lifestyle changes.

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